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Mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of pharmaceutical intermediates and other fine chemicals


Formerly known as 'Shangyu Dereti Yuntao Chemical Co.Ltd (SDY)', Zhejiang Yuntao Biotechnology Co.,Ltd was founded in Dec,2000 In Sep 2005,the company became a Sino-Spanish Joint Venture by joining hand with Deretil S.A. (a subsidiary of Holland Royal DSM Group ) , in May 2012 ,the company repurchased from Deretil it’s entire ownership in SDY and introduced in another shareholder : Huapont Pharmaceutical holding our company’s 30% stake. In Dec 2012 ,the company has finished Shareholding reform and registered with a new company name :Zhejiang Yuntao Biotechnology Co.,Ltd (Under it with a subsidiary company:Dafeng Yuntao Biotechnology Co.Ltd) . The company enjoys an obvious geographic advantage and transportation convenience ,the headquarter is in Hangzhou Gulf Shangyu Industrial park of Zhejiang province...

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The company always adheres to the business philosophy of "quality first, service first", not only introduces advanced analytical testing equipment, but also scientifically evaluates quality control system and various technical inspection standards, continuously improves and perfects quality control system, and continuously improves quality inspection. The professional level and professional quality of the personnel.

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